Firefly reboot reported, California Covid-19 fail, and more links for Tuesday, 12/15/20

So Jeffrey Toobin Had a Zoom Incident. What Now? [Katherine Rosman and Jacob Bernstein/New York Times] – Toobin masturbated on camera during a Zoom event he was supposed to be participating in. This was not a small meeting – it was a big event, strategic to his employer, and planned to air as a podcast, about the Presidential election and the possibility of a coup. The employer is The New Yorker, known for its dignity. The offense comes when journalistic outlets like The New Yorker are struggling to maintain credibility, a struggle that Toobin undermines.

So, no, I have no problem firing and blacklisting Toobin.

California Is Coming Apart Over COVID-19 [Miranda Green/New York Intelligencer] – With COVID infections rising in California and Gov. Newsom and other state political leaders hypocritically flouting rules, California is chafing against restrictions that seem arbitrary and unscientific. That’s true even of pro-mask Californians.

Russian government spies are behind a broad hacking campaign that has breached U.S. agencies and a top cyber firm [Ellen Nakashima & Craig Timberg/The Washington Post]

Logseq is an open source, user-controlled alternative to Roam Research. Looks extremely promising. However: “It’s only for the testing purpose now, please don’t write any serious notes without login.” Looks intriguing – I’ll keep an eye on it!

Exclusive: Firefly Reboot Coming To Disney+ [] – Anonymous-sourced and I’ve never heard of the website, but shiny if true.