Ephemera LXXXIX: “Never Gonna Give You Up,” but with a velociraptor

House Flippers and Landlords Have Taken Over American Interiors By Amanda Mull at The Atlantic. “If you, like me, have frittered away a frankly embarrassing proportion of your one wild and precious life watching women with perfect blowouts and annoying husbands gut-reno houses on HGTV, or idly scrolling through Zillow listings you have no intention or ability to buy, then you know that the gray floors rarely travel alone.“

Should we be trying to create a circular urine economy? Nitrogen and phosphorus in urine are pollutants when released into water bodies, but great fertilizer. However, separating urine from wastewater will be tricky.

“Circular urine economy” will be the name of my punk band.

Why Don’t Millennials Have Hobbies?. By Alisha Sawhney. “I sought the help of an algorithm to figure out how to spend my free time. It made me question my generation’s relationship with leisure.”

What you and I are doing right now is the closest I come to having a hobby.

Amazon’s “fast and frugal approach has proven a tough fit for some health professionals.… some health professionals who worked for the service said Amazon sometimes prioritized pleasing patients over providing the best standard of care.” Amazon’s health ambitions sometimes clashed with medical best practices, nurses say By Caroline O’Donovan at The Washington Post.

“Never Gonna Give You Up,” but with a velociraptor.

Carthago delenda est.

“Crown Roast of Frankfurters” – Weight Watchers recipe, 1974.


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