Ephemera XCI: Bite into a Jellygrill Sandwich

Gmail will call the cops on you based on the content of your emails. By Cory Doctorow. Google falsely told the police a father was molesting his son. The boy had a painful, swollen penis, and the doctor asked the man to send a photo. The man emailed the photo—and Google intercepted the mail, decided it was kiddie porn, and suspended the man’s Gmail, Photos, and phone service. The police cleared the man, but Google is still holding the man’s data and services hostage.

What’s the best way to respond to an ageist comment? — This Chair Rocks

Here’s why the ‘Girl Explaining’ meme is all over your Twitter feed How a photo of a woman yelling in a guy’s ear became a viral meme. By María Luisa Paúl at The Washington Post.


Super-Detective Library #67, November 3, 1955

The Witching Hour #42, May 1974

Motorcycle for a family of four, 1912

“Electrocuting the Enemy” (1917) by George Wall Cover art for The Electrical Experimenter, June 1917. Hugo Gernsback, editor.

Hosiery sales display, 1951

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