Tinfoil hattery

I’ve been enjoying the Qanon Anonymous Podcast lately — and it is, indeed, surprisingly enjoyable, considering that it is a podcast about how a large portion of the world population is descending into paranoid madness — and many of those are armed.

It’s got me thinking, not for the first time, about how much of the real world resembles a conspiracy theory:

  • Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks, and Bill Gates are NOT masterminds of a pedophile sex ring — but Jeffrey Epstein was, and he was, to varying degrees, friendly with Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andy, all three of who were horndogs who didn’t seem particular about the age and relative power of their conquests.
  • The COVID vaccine isn’t implanting microchips to track our every move. But our phones do that.
  • COVID isn’t a conspiracy by pharmaceutical companies, but the opioid epidemic is.

And so on.

Where does “keeping up with the news” end and “tinfoil hattery” begin?

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